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nada yoga & SOUND MASSAGE

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” (Nikola Tesla)

Probably  you are familiar with the chant of "Om" - the most well known Mantra -  If so, then you already know a little bit about Nada yoga. Mantras & Chants are an important part of the yoga tradition and these are a form of Nada yoga.

Nada is the Sanskrit word for "sound" or "tone."  Nada Yoga means "union through sound" and is based on the premise that the entire cosmos and everything in it (including we humans) consist of sound, vibrations or nadas. 

The practice of yoga directly impacts your nervous system and promotes stillness in the mind. Nada yoga is one of the most powerful meditation techniques to calm the mind.  In old Hindu yoga tradition the use of music and sounds to connect to a higher state of consciousness and to heal, is a very common practice.

Today, modern science sees the whole existence as a vibration. Quantum physics has now proven what these ancient spiritual masters knew, that matter and sound are intimately connected. Science shows that not only does everything in the universe possess a basic vibration and interact with other vibrational fields, but that vibration actually affects matter.


Basically if you have mastery over the sound/vibration, you will also have mastery over the form.

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Sound is a powerful healing force. It can remove blockages in our energy system and bring us back to balance. Increasingly it is being used by modern medicine. Think of ultrasound as a treatment to dissolve kidney stones. Sound healing is not just a "new age" word, it is a practice that can influence us on a cellular level by the vibrations transmitted.

Sound Healing works on the principle that everything in life exists at its core as vibrating atoms and that diseases are disharmonies in our systems.  Many of our disharmonies have their origin in unresolved emotions and desires that are stored as toxins in our energy channels, or nadis.

When we use sound consciously we can create a profound effect on our health. Many studies have shown that some specific sounds, chants, music and instruments gently draw the brain, first into the Alpha state and then Theta and Delta waves, where deep relaxation and meditation occur. Whilst in this deep meditative state, the heart rate slows and the body is able to heal and rejuvenate.

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•  S O U N D  M A S S A G E  W I T H   T I B E T A N   B O W L S  

A sound massage with Tibetan bowls is a unique and transformative experience due to the "magical" effects of the vibration of the bowls. It is a powerful energy medicine that has healing impact on many levels.

It is based on the ancestral knowledge of the therapeutic and healing properties of sound and its liberating power in the human being, which has been used in the East for more than 5000 years.  This is a unique powerful therapy, kept sacred in the Buddhist tradition of healing and enlightenment.


How it Works?

Placed directly onto the fully-clothed body,  a Tibetan singing bowl is played to create a soothing sound and gentle vibration. The bowl is deliberately placed around the body, working through the meridian points, sending vibration through the body and creating a flow of sounds and energy which encourages harmonisation and deep relaxation.

 come and try one or two sound massages



Nikola Tesla & Swami Vivekananda

.....Among other things, Vivekananda and Tesla discussed the notions of prâna, âkâsha, and kalpas, three elementary concepts of the Vedantic doctrine. Respectively, these can be understood as vital energy, the ether, and the idea of ​​the aeon. Prâna might be understood as a unit of energy, âkâsha as matter, and kalpas as time. According to Vivekananda, on that very night, Tesla assured him that ideas of such a long tradition in Hinduism could find an echo in modern Western science. On the other hand, Tesla considered himself capable of mathematically demonstrating that force and material could both be expressed in terms of energy. This notion is, in turn, very close to Hindu religious thought .... 


Water - Energy -Tibetan Bowls

Humans are mainly water, the amount of water in the human body ranges from 45-75%. It contains both, salt and water which has positive and negative ions. These ions are the charge carriers and thus conduct current to help the body in different biological processes,. The higher the number of ions or free electron, the better will be its conductivity.  So, basically the water in the human body is an excellent conductor of electricity.

Below I share some demostrations of sound- frequency and its effects on water and salt - so you can believe not only in magic : ) but also the physics and science behind this beautiful "Sound Journey"

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•   G A L L E R Y 

I have been sharing and enjoying mini- Sound baths- bliss in every class I teach.  It has been a very joyful journey! 

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