"Yoga without ethics is just gymnastics"

I understand yoga is a philosophy that starts on the body as a vehicle to reach higher states. But I also value the wise concepts and rituals contained within yoga as practical tools for life.

This informs how I teach. I like sharing yoga with respect for each person's uniqueness, bringing some gentle level of challenge to the sessions, with the attitude that these challenges should be embraced without ego, but from a place of humility, awareness  and self respect

My sessions are anatomically designed, creative and playful and most of all they are an invitation  to meet the intuitive intelligence of your body and the concepts of yoga. So, expect slow dynamic pace, smooth transitions  and  one or two "challenging" optional poses along with short calls to presence, self observance and delicious relaxation mini sound baths.

I am officially 200 hours yoga teacher, which means I teach begginers and intermediate students.  I am also a sound healer, practicing mainly sound massage.  No level of expertise is required for sound baths, not for Meditation, Pranayama and Moon rituals as these are delicious practices whichever level you are :)

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