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Nice to meet you!

Thanks for your interest! Yoga is a wonderful journey and hopefully we will be able to share some part of the path together :)


Let me share a  short story about this journey. Long ago, at university, we had a discussion about inventing new products, we had to propose new products for the sake of the marketing exercise. My proposal was a "substance" like drugs, but without the negative side effects.


The idea was very well received by my university friends as we were studying advertising - in Colombia!!  Yes, I am Colombian (also Spanish with a Brit touch) but I am not into drugs and I don’t judge anyone for it,  I am not even into alcohol! But I could see how these substances transform people, in both ways first "high" but then very low. 


25 years later I realised that Yoga was the “happy pill" I wished for. After a class  a new student told me “I don’t need to smoke marijuana anymore, I found yoga”. It was deeply touching, because the best reward of teaching is to guide people into such delicious journey.

I discovered yoga myself, in my gym, more than 15 years ago. I expected it to be very boring, but actually I loved it right from the beginning. I started with Ashtanga -  one of the most dynamic styles of yoga. Even though it was mainly a physical practice, still it was addictive and magic.


In London, I found an inspiring teacher who introduced me to yoga as a holistic discipline while I was in a very dark period of my life.  Thanks to her I became a yoga teacher and yoga turned into the best therapy for my insomnia, anxiety and especially for my self-destructive tendencies.

As part of the journey I have been teaching in hectic London since 2014. One of the best gifts of sharing yoga is witnessing how relaxation and presence transforms people into more joyful and open beings. So, I bring into my sessions a combination of gentle challenges for the body and the mind, with a short sound bath to facilitate deep relaxation and introspection.

It is an honour sharing yoga and supporting others to find their own inner spark. I hope to have you here in Spain to share sun salutations, big smiles, a wonderful time and amazing sunsets!


•  I  B O W  T O  M Y  T E A C H E R S 


An important part of the yogic tradition is appreciation for our teachers. I bow to all my teachers who have made themselves available, who shared with me the benefits and insights of their own work and experience to uplift my spirit and to bring light into my path . I also bow to all my students who have trusted me, taught me and inspired me and have made palpable the interconnectedness of all of us.

If you want to connect with some of my most inspirational teachers I have dedicated some space to them in order to share it with you. 

•  G A L L E R Y  

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