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   I N S P I R A T I O N  &  A P P R E C I A T I O N   

I  bow to my teachers and to my students too

Appreciation is a yogic principle. Bowing to the teachers is a form of respect for their willingness to share acceptance and love, and for allowing their own energy to be the nourishment for the awakening of our potential. Also by bowing to them we honour our interconnectedness and our unity, which is the basic nature of reality.

Thanks to many inspiring teachers I have encountered I am a happy and devoted yogi. So I bow to my teachers as a way to express that devotion and commitment to keep growing and to share. 


I also bow to my students! They have been a wonderful source of knowledge, challenge, growth and joy! They are not in this short list but they are in my heart and they have been and they are a very important part of my journey. 


Anusara Yoga

Antonia Pantanzau

Gratitude beyond words! She ignited the most positive transformation in my life. I teach yoga thanks to her inspirational energy

Ekhart Tolle .jpg

Spiritual Teacher

Ekhart Tolle

My favourite teacher of life, presence, with a  good sense of humour and humility! 


Yoga Synergy Australia

Simon Biorg Oliver

He was my inspiration in my first yoga book! Years later I had the chance to practice in real life with him! Very inspiring


Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr, Ray Long

Specific yoga anatomy in a very beautiful visual way. 

dr Yogi.jpg


Andrew McGonigle

- Dr. Yogi :) as he originally studied to become a doctor. I loved his course and his instagram account


Sound Therapy

Otto Haddad 

He introduced me to Gong baths & Sound healing.! My inspiration for getting into sound massages.


Mindfulness & Meditation

Cindy Lee

Online wisdom @ Yoga International. Buddhism and Yoga together! <3


Your Spine, your Yoga

Bernie Clark

Online Course - Anatomy. Fascinating and highly recomended


inner Axis

Max Strom

Writer, Ted talk yogi,  Yoga teacher and most of all an inspiring being.


Anusara Yoga

Bridget Woods Kramer

The teacher of my teacher!! Challenging, graceful, kind and inspiring!


Sound Healing - Nada Yoga

Lola Lhamo

A very kind and wise being. My delightful teacher for Sound Massage



Teacher Tranining School

Shades of Yoga

The most beautiful school I have been, not only in Bali!  Thanks for the life changing experience


Yoga Studio London


One of my favourite places in London. I could spend my days there! Beautiful spaces and fabulous teachers!


Online channel

My first yoga online studio ever! Lots of interesting classes, topics with topics beyond yoga including spirituality.


Online Studio


My favourite online yoga magazine- studio -school. Highly recommended.

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