Y O G A   W E E K E N D S -  D A T E S  

I have created a lovely, crafted yoga experience where we will have the
time and space to practice different forms of Yoga and to enjoy the luxury of simplicity, tranquility and connection with Nature.
We will have the opportunity to balance our solar and lunar energies (yin and
yang) through physical practice, meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), sound baths, and sound massage.


Additionally you are very welcome to join me for a moon ceremony by the sea.  Each weekend we follow the appropriate moon cycle (full or new moon) with the intention to realign our energy and to come back to our deepest joyful essence.

Please check all the details below and if you have any questions, or in the
event that the dates don't suit you, please don't hesitate to contact me.

If you are planing to come with friends, please let me know we will do our best to arrange better options for you. 


find your self-love date:

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Fri 17 - Mon 20

Full Harvest Moon & Fall Equinox

. Package from £500

. Groups / friends: contact me


Thu 7 - Sun 10

New Moon

. Package from £500

. Groups / friends: contact me


Thu 2 - Sun 5

New Moon

. Package from £500

. Groups / friends: contact me

For different dates, groups, or a private/tailored retreat, let me know and we will do our best to arrange better options for you.  

* C O V I D  guidelines

Despite the current situation, this is a great place to come and get sunshine, vitamin D,  to relax and to stay healthy. We are in a small port, it's very quiet and in an open space with a clean breeze coming in from the sea. However, in order to keep everybody safe it is important to follow some guidelines:

- The shared flats are for friends/family. 

- Groups of maximum 4 people.

-  Masks are compulsory most of the time  

- The classes are held in outdoor spaces, to respect the social distance.

- For restaurant meals it is also required to maintain a social distance as much as possible.

- And of course we must follow the local rules that apply at the time for travel, restaurants and hospitality.