La Herradura is a small Mediterranean town, located on the coast of Granada. This beautiful bay belongs to Costa Tropical, with a privileged weather system. The nearby Sierra Nevada mountain range provides shelter from northerly winds and creates a pleasant microclimate of very mild winters. You can get a sun tan all year long!

At the same time the hills of "Punta de la Mona" and "Cerro Gordo" also protect the bay from the strong sea winds and are beautiful locations for sightseeing the most glorious sunsets.  Cerro Gordo hill belongs to a Natural area protected by Unesco and a visit there is included in our weekend program for Sunset meditation.

La Herradura - Granada

Each morning, we have an optional sunrise meditation followed by a dynamic slow vinyasa yoga session for 90minutes. We practice outdoors in contact with Mother Earth, in front of the sea with a "Sea sound-track":) . We finish the practice on the beach with pranayama and meditation, and if you are bold enough, a cool sea salt bath.  In the afternoon we will have a restorative practice & sound bath followed by an optional sunset meditation.

Beginners to intermediate students are welcome, with plenty of options for different levels. If you have any doubt abut what we will do there is more information in the glossary. Or contact me.

Asana, pranayama & meditation

Sound massage is based on ancient knowledge and has been applied in Indian healing therapy for more than 5000 years.

This type of massage is known to induce deep states of relaxation. The deep vibration of the singing bowl releases the tension of muscles, massages the organs, rewires the brain and enhances creativity, harmonisation and wellbeing.

You will get a private session to experience  this "magic" massage that aligns the body, mind and spirit, providing a deep sense of stability and balance.

Private sound massage session

Our skin regenerates itself approximately every 27 days, (like the moon cycle) But what about our energy? or our mind?

Modern life has stripped us of the healthy rituals that create the space for us to connect with the Earth or with ourselves.  The moon cycles were use by ancient peoples to chart life, using its rhythms to determine when to plant and harvest crops. We can use these cycles to determine when to plant new things in our lives  or cull what needs to be released. This is a ceremony/space to create an energetic connection with the rhythm of Nature, or at least to celebrate the simple things under the moon, by the sea.

Fire moon ceremony

Marina Villages is a delightful apartment complex nestled in a small and beautiful port. It’s an impressive location with architecture that speaks to the traditional white towns of Andalucia. There is concierge service, shopping services  and  few charming restaurants available onsite. There are options for private or shared studios/flats. Vegetarian meals are included in our weekend.

There are additional activities, like excursions to the world heritage site La Alhambra, to Caminito del Rey, among others. Equally, there’s plenty of walks you can take from the venue itself. There’s also option of paddle board sunset, diving, sailing and more, on extra charge and depending on availability and the weather.

Marina Villages

enjoy  a delightful, healthy weekend under the sun

G A L L E R Y 

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