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   Y O G A   L I N G O  

Perhaps you are familiar with the yoga vocabulary, perhaps no.  There is always room to improve :)

This  page is designed with the intention that everyone would be clear about what to expect from the weekend - and hopefully it will be also useful for the rest of your practice. Some of this words are Sanskrit words, the original language of yoga and they are regularly used in  yoga studios and in the yoga world.

(Please, keep in mind this is a very simple basic explanation of the concepts - some of these touch on wide fields of philosophy, practice and study!! if you want more details, I have created links with articles I quite like and recommend to read)

hatha Yoga

Hatha is a Sanskrit word that can be broken down into two smaller words: ha, meaning “sun,” and tha, meaning “moon.”  The idea is yoga helps to bring balance to our yin and yang energies. 


restorative yoga

This is a style of yoga that does not require muscular contraction. It promotes deep relaxation as your body is completely supported in longer held yoga poses.


sound massage

This type of massage is performed by placing a singing bowl on the body. The  bowl is struck to generate a gentle vibration, that spreads throughout the body and creates deep relaxation. I have written more abut it, click  "more info":



Yoga is a practice that prepares the body for Meditation. It trains our body and also the mind in order to create harmony, awareness and self mastery.


vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa means to "place in a special order" pairing movement and breath. In yoga studios, it refers to a class that contains the sequence: chaturanga, upward dog, donward dog as transition between poses.


nada yoga

Nada -"union through sound" - is a yoga of sound. It is based on the premise that the entire cosmos and everything in it (including humans) consist of sound, vibrations, or nadas. I have written more about it, click  "more info" if you want more details.



It is the practice of breath control and regulation through specific breathing techniques.  The breath is connected with our nervous system so it has lots of benefits physically and emotionally 



The practice of yoga and meditation will help you to become much more mindful. The intention of all such techniques is to create presence, awareness and connection with inner-self and outer world.


 Come and find the magic of all these practices

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