•   A C C O M O D A T I O N     O P T I O N S  

You can choose between 3 different types of flats, the prices will vary according with the season. If you want to  come with friends or in a group and you want to share a studio or a flat, let me know we will do our best to arrange better options for you. 

Shared Flat 

Flat  3 bedrooms with private pool.  from £650 

Flat 2 bedrooms from £575


Private Flat Sea View

Apartment one bedroom, sea view -   from £650


Private Studio interior

Interior studio. From £600


Vegetarian Mediterranean Meals

2 vegetarian meals are included. Breakfast at Atraque 7. Lunch at Salazón. One Dinner at Salazon & one picnic on the beach for the Moon Ceremony night

Salazon Terrace

Yoga studio with a view

We will practice outdoors in front of the sea, and depending on the weather/season we will exchange locations to ensure the best experience


•   G A L L E R Y