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Yoga, the moon and the rhythm of the Cosmos

Too often the habits of our daily lives cuts us off from the natural world. Yet the reality is that we are intimately connected to it. Like the Earth itself, our bodies, too, are mostly made up of water! 


Much of the focus in yoga is about connection and equilibrium.  Hatha yoga, the most popular form of yoga nowadays,  means ‘sun’ (ha-) and ‘moon’ (-tha). The moon and the sun, both have an important place in yoga, signifying the balance in all things.  

In the yogic traditions the views of the world consisting of the 5 elements, earth, air, water, fire, ether - are reflected in the chakras (the energetic points in the human body, like the meridians in Chinese medicine).

Some yogis and ancient traditions suggest that through the Moon phases, Solstices and Equinoxes we tune into the cyclical patterns of mother Nature and we can reconnect with all things. This is an opportunity to expand, re-wild and align our energy with the flow of the Cosmos.


S e l f r e f l e c t i o n

New Moon

The Sun and the Moon are aligned, so the darkness of the cycle is a good time to reflect and to plant our intentions.  (Just like the farmers refer to lunar calendars by planting seeds on a New Moon)


I n t u i t i o n

Full Moon

Just like the end of the inhalation of our breath, this is the end of the expansion cycle.  It is time to connect with our intuition as opposite forces (the sun opposes the moon) are pulling us and sometimes creating unbalances.


A w a k e n i n g

Spring Equinox

Waking up from the heaviness of Winter and moving stagnant energy in order to revitalise with the abundance of Spring

2017-11-24 17.37.52.jpg

I n n e r l i g h t

Summer Solstice

An energetic opening that truly celebrates Prana, life force, and reminds us of our own inner light. The sun represents heat and movement that we cultivate in our lives through yang energy.  


R e t r e a t

Autumn Equinox 

Releasing gently, as the expression of energy moves from an outer yang state to a more inner yin state. It is a time to retreat, clear and let go.


-MoonCeremony-4 - March2020.jpg

Moon Fire Ceremonies:

A Fire ceremony is one of the core ceremonies in many traditions. Fire allows rapid transformation in shifting our energy. It provides the avenue to let go of the old story and drama, to transform, to renew and to be reborn. 

Each practice is different according to the seasons, the energy of the Moon and the alignments of the planets and the moon -  but it can include:

- Energy cleansing

- Some gentle yoga practices - Asanas, Mudras, Mantras

- Meditation in Nature, by the Sea 

- Journaling from presence

- Fire by the Sea 

- Gratitude offer and vow - to close the ceremony

- Small celebration, maybe small picnic.

come and join us to celebrate life:

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