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Updated: Oct 8, 2022

We may do well to distinguish at the beginning between three kinds of warrior: the outer, the inner, and the perfected

Using our mind empower us but also keep a responsibility – The mind can be use to create or to destroy, for joy or harm… Our mind makes our responsabilty … we don’t need to be attached. We can use it to be free from suffering or we can use it to create pain. It is entirely our choice

May you be

To be aware not to be lost…


To be motivated not manipulated

To be useful not used

To make chances not excuses

Excel not compete

I chose self esteem not self pitty

I chose to listen my innervoice not others opinion

The power of nature is within us, the way to tap into it is flowing with the rhythm of life. Just like every cycle of our breath, there is time to receive and to expand another to release and let go so the cycle can start again.

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