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Yoga opened a gate for me to a different life,  full of purpose, joy  and meaning. I have been teaching since 2014, mainly to be able to share this beautiful gift. I am a certified Yoga Alliance teacher and most of all, I am a devoted and happy yogi.

Funny enough I was pushed to Yoga rather than choose it.  Because my flat feet, I had to quit hight impact exercises in order protect my knees and hips. I expected it to be mega-boring, but actually right from the beginning it was very magic so I have remained very committed since I started more than 15 years ago. 

First it was just a lovely challenging physical practice ( Ashtanga!) , but thankfully, I found Antonia Patanzau, who brought a much more holistic approach to my practice. She has been the main inspiration to deepen my relationship with yoga.

Yoga not only has helped me to become stronger and healthier physically and mentally, but also it has been the best "therapy" to deal with my insomnia, anxiety and manly the self-harming tendencies. Now I "live yoga" rather than just practicing it.

And of course I share this discipline as a holistic experience bringing Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Sound baths and yoga philosophy to my sessions, and now in my retreats :) . I am offering yoga weekends by the Mediterranean Sea as I am trying to create a whole experience for any willing yogi to introspection and to deep connection.

Come to visit me for a sunny break , a detox of city life and to fall in love again with mother Earth :) and also with yourself.


 A P P R E C I A T I O N 


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