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Holistic Yoga


Thank you for stopping by and spending some time with me.


Since you're here I guess you are, like me, very fond of yoga - if not in love with it! In service of this love I would like to invite you to experience the "art of living yoga", on a long  weekend by the Mediterranean Sea.

I encountered yoga more than 15 years ago, and right from the start it was magic. Yoga opened a gate to strength, grace and playfulness. Not only physically but mentally and I would love you have a taste of that yoga magic. 


I learnt that the greatest gifts of yoga come by approaching it as a holistic experience. So through Asana (poses), Pranayama (breathing), meditation, mindfulness, sound baths and yoga principles I invite any willing student to enjoy presence, introspection and deep connection.


Come and visit me for a sunny break in Spain for a detox from City life and fall in love again with Mother Earth and, hopefully, also with yourself.

if you want more details about my yoga journey here they are:




My priority is to create an enjoyable, safe and positive atmosphere in every session. I teach mainly slow flow vinyasa that builds strength, creates flexibility and promotes self-enquiry in an accessible way to everyone.  I ensure that plenty of instruction and supervision is given to all students to support them getting the benefits of the practice - either in the physical practice or in the most quiet practices like sound baths, sound massages or meditation.

M I N I B R E A K S :  I create short retreats for people who want to escape the hurly burly of City life and connect with their bodies, their breath, their nature and their true joyful essence. It’s a beautiful long weekend to relax and recharge by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

C L A S S E S : My classes  are holistic, based on yoga concepts applied to a playful and dynamic slow flow of asanas (postures). The sequences are anatomically and energetically designed; I also include pranayama (breathing exercises) qigong, and short meditations . I finish with a sound bath that promotes deep relaxation.

I teach a variety of classes from groups to private instruction, from dynamic sessions to breathing and meditation techniques. I run regular classes in sport centres and also yoga weekends in Spain. I also create customised sessions for individuals, organisations and  events. 

Online Classes

Practice with me  whenever and wherever

it suits you. Find different classes, LIVE

and prerecorded (UK times)


 Sundays Yoga&Qigong  16:30 - 17:30

Soundbath Meditation 18:00 - 18:30


Full Moon Sunday : 18:00 - 18:45

New Moon Sunday: 18:00 - 18:45



Group Sessions

In person classes, small group, Drop In classes, at Marina del Este Puerto Deportivo


(Almuñecar - Granada)

Tuesday :  10:15 - 11:30

Saturday: 10:15 - 11:30

Follow my weekly updates in my Instagram /Facebook account: 


Facebook : angelicavasquezyoga

Yoga Weekends

4 days of yoga bliss. A healthy, sunny break by the Mediterranean Sea. A "detox time" from city life. A time to connect with yourself and perhaps Mother Earth

Sound Massage

45 minutes of deep tissue massage with a Nepalese Bowl  for deep relaxation,  harmonise your body, mind and energy

Private Retreats

Private retreats in Spain. A healthy, sunny break with your friends of family tailored to your preferences

One to one

A wonderful opportunity to learn the foundations, to review alignments and  to get the best benefits of the practice. 

1 to 3 people. A pack of 4 sessions includes 1 sound massage session

Corporate Weekend

A healthy and mindful team is far happier, more motivated and productive. A yoga weekend is a wonderful option to get an energising and refreshing break away from the desk

Mindfulness - Meditation

Either Meditation or Mindfulness techniques,  both practices will give you the skills to enrich every aspect of your life experience




Get In Touch

Find me:

- Chocolate Studios - 

Hackney, London - UK

- Marina Villages - 

La Herradura, Granada - Spain



Facebook: angelicaVasquez Yoga

Instagram: theyogaloveaffair

YouTube: angelica Vasquez Yoga

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